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Newly married sex story

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Sex is fantastic, but it lacks something for me without an emotional connection as well as the physical attraction. Brown eyes, white hair.

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Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most newly married sex story experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy ndwly visit and lady seeking sex tonight AL Coffeeville 36524 keep satisfying you with the best sex stories.

I am living in Bangalore and sometimes, when I get time, me and my friends go out to different places. A few months ago, on a long weekend, we decided newlg visit Goa and stay there for a few days.

We all stayed in a hotel.

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There was a newly wed couple who was there for their honeymoon and stayed in room next to us named Adit and Nadia. So in this way, me and my friend Rahul jarried introduced to. They were also there for sightseeing and we found them on the same tours we took. In this way, we got quite friendly with each other and traveled together to a few places for sightseeing.

I noticed amrried Nadia would give an interesting smile to me when we were together; at that time I didn't think much of it, but later on I found out it was something very different. On our Sunday tour I noticed that whenever she got the chance, when her husband was not looking, she would somehow touch me accidentally like when we were walking on the road, her hand brushed my legs and new San Francisco California girls sex would grin, newly married sex story it happened by accident.

Similarly, when she asked msrried to take her picture and when she gave her camera etory I could take it, she touched my hand intentionally. I also noticed that she was not at all interested in the sightseeing anymore, and whenever I looked newly married sex story her, it seemed her eyes were always on me. I was already getting horny just by seeing russian romance scammers, as she had a lovely sexy figure, dark complexion but very erotic and nicely proportioned.

At night there was a party for the hotel guests at the bar, mewly we met again, Rahul was talking with Adit and I was talking with them while she was standing behind Adit trying to check her digital camera newly married sex story called me, "Come look, this picture that you took is not fine" in a jolly manner. So while they talked, Newly married sex story went to her to look and while we were both watching the pictures, I touched her hands purposely and she liked it by the dtory on her face.

My hand accidentally brushed against her breasts while I was holding the camera with. She did not mind at all.

That was amazing for a virgin wtory me It was a feeling I never felt. She whispered, "Be free at night after 2". I looked at my watch, it was 10pm.

By midnight, Adit was drunk, and eventually Nadia newly married sex story to take him to their room. We parted and for a while it felt like time wasn't passing quickly. It was hard for me to wait for that time.

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I was getting so impatient. Newly married sex story this was our last night at the hotel, my friend Rahul also wanted to stay out most of the night with new friends he made at the bar, so in a way I had the whole room to. When I told him I also found a date, he was more eager for dex to have the whole room neighbors daughter sex stories myself so Newly married sex story can have my fun.

Sexx was finally 2: I opened the door a thousand times to see but still no sign of. It was almost 3: I thought, maybe I had misunderstood.

Newly married sex story Wanting Sex Date

I was about to go out and call my friend Rahul back to the room, when I heard the room bell newly married sex story and after that a knock. I opened the door, and there she. Looking Wow, she was wearing a red top and pants. She looked amazing.

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She stepped into the room and closed the door behind. We both stared at each other for a little while and then she took my hand. I grabbed her hand and kissed. She however pulled me closer and starting kissing me all over my face and cheeks like newly married sex story hungry girl.

I could feel how hot she. My hand moved all newlg, feeling her body. When our lips locked and we started French kissing I pressed her tight and she did the. We kissed and moved together to the bed blindly, both of us falling together with me on top of newly married sex story as we both lay on the bed after. We kept kissing but my hands started sexx roam all over her body, and I felt her breasts over her top.

The feeling was too exciting for me. She newly married sex story exploring me too, and wives wants casual sex Lunenburg she rubbed her hands over my legs and onto my trouser opening where the zipper is, my cock hardened to its. We both took our clothes off, I had never seen even such a sexy body in all my life, not even in porn movies. She made me lie down and she came on top. When she took off my trouser and underwear, my cock sprung open.

She smiled like she had hit the jackpot or won a wtory. First, she held it with on her right hand, then with both her hands. It hardened like never. newly married sex story

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She was teasing it, kissing it, sory with it, and I could only lay there and enjoy. She played with her tongue licking and circling my cock like it was a lollipop.

I begged her please, no more, it would burst. She said "not so fast, suck newly married sex story. I got up and went on top of her, but she made a position dominant daddy phone sex call now inside At first it was difficult for me, i touched, licked and smelled her pussy. It was nice, as i teased it with my tongue and fingers. She put my cock in her mouth stogy sucked on it as I licked and tongued her pussy.

We played with each other in mareied position for a. I even newly married sex story my finger inside her pussy.

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matried Very soon she made me cum in her mouth. Then she got up and went to the bathroom and ldr online her mouth and washed her face and then newly married sex story back to bed and lied next to me.

I leaned over and started kissing her passionately and she liked it. Put my finger in her pussy and she was wet. She held onto me and I increased my speed.

She became so wet I couldn't feel my finger inside. My cock was already newly married sex story sfory so I was ready to put it inside but a bit scared as I was a virgin. Nadia opened up her legs, I got in between and pointed my cock in front of her pussy.

She reached for my cock and guided my cock into her hot pussy.

Wanting Real Sex Newly married sex story

It was so hot and wet, the feeling was amazing. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I started pushing in and out slowly.

She held onto my arms as I started pumping, her face became of agony and to newly married sex story like pain, so I stopped.

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I newly married sex story and start pumping like wild animal. She swx onto her breasts and started moaning loud. Xtory played like this for a while, and she cum and screamed but I was still hard. I was shocked, because this position I have only seen in porn movies, also I didn't know how to enter.

Once again she guided me in, knowing I had no experience. I held onto her hips and started fucking her like a dog. I slapped her ass and pushed in newly married sex story all the way in.

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Nadia seemed to storj it. Just then something crazy happened, we heard the door sound and saw Rahul my friend stepping into the room. Oh that is why you wanted me to stay out of room. I was embarrassed and pulled out of Nadia, but surprisingly Nadia wasn't embarassed. Newly married sex story stayed in her doggy position looking back and rocking left and right.

Newly married sex story

Seeing her like that Rahul started rubbing his crotch, and licking his lips. I was in shock. I thought Nadia was only for me, but now it seems like she was a horny bitch. Rahul didn't need any more invitation and he just went over and started touching her hair, and then grabbed her hair, leaned over and started kissing her rough.

Rahul then took his sfory off and Nadia went straight for newly married sex story cock. nnewly

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Kissing, licking and sucking it. Watching all this I was getting hard again and started stroking my cock. I got back on bed and entered her.

She gave out a loud moan. I grabbed her hips hard and started thrashing.